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Requesting your Financial Support


My name is Marcus Benjamin and I am the Founder of A&M Career Consulting Foundation, Inc., which is a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit organization registered in the state of New York. Our main goal is to bring Career Development to underserve communities throughout the New York area and to provide a platform to assist New Yorkers as it pertains to employment or entrepreneurship opportunities. My team operates mainly on a Virtual Platform and this gives us the opportunity to reach more New Yorkers wherever they are using Zoom, Spark Hire, Microsoft Teams etc. The services that we currently offer consist of:

- Resume and Cover Letter Writing

- 30, 60, 90 Day Action Plan

- LinkedIn Profile remodeling

- Why you should hire me document

- Interview Prep—One Way Interview, Virtual Face to Face and In-person Face to Face

- Dressing for success

- Negotiating of Salary and Closing the Deal

- Mentorship

- Assistance with Internship Opportunities

- Virtual Career/Resource Center initiative for College Students

- Virtual and In-person Seminars, Workshops and Conferences as it pertains to Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Networking, Job Fairs etc.

Our goal is to continuously engage and maintain a solid program that benefits underserved communities throughout the New York area, hence changing the lives of many families now and for many generations to come. With this being said, A&M Career Consulting Foundation Inc. will greatly appreciate your Financial Support and Partnership that will help us to continue to be successful. With your financial help, we will be able to maintain all of our Technological Platforms that allow us to be Virtual and reach more people. More importantly, your assistance will allow us to reach out to more people that need Career Coaching and an opportunity to achieve their version of the American Dream.

Thank you for your time and we at A&M Career Consulting Foundation Inc., are looking forward to hearing back from you.


Marcus Benjamin

Marcus Benjamin—Founder & Certified Executive Career Coach

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