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Independent Partner: 

Advanced Genetics Sports and Cultural Club

Advanced Genetics Sports and Cultural Club fosters growth and development of all its members by providing quality coaching, learning experiences and opportunities in a safe friendly and indiscriminating environment.  

Advanced Genetics believes that DISCIPLINE is key to success in any aspect of life and it is their number one priority. Their CORE areas of focus are DISCIPLINE, RESPECT and TEAMWORK, which leads to growth/development and opportunity.

Whatever sport you love playing or cultural activity you want to be a part of, Advanced Genetics takes pride in promoting and teaching the necessary skills that helps in one’s development at the highest level.

With disciple as one of their core competencies, Advanced Genetics places a lot of focus on promoting commitment, integrity, sportsmanship, competitiveness on and off the playing field.

Advanced Genetics staff strives to provide the best opportunity as well as the best instructors available and a fair and equal opportunity for everyone to reach their full potential.

To learn more about Advanced Genetics, please visit their website at 

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